A Rose by Any Other Name…

Over the last several weeks, I’ve received a number of confounding emails from people who ran the gamut from befuddled to annoyed to outright pissed off. They’ve accused me of loading software on their systems that took over all of their browsers.

This confused me. “Imminent”, or “imminent.com“, my Imminent, is this blog. Period. Nobody else gets to use this domain in any way.

Regardless of my attempts to clarify, or defend, or sympathize, most of these people writing me would not accept clarification, would not accept my defense, didn’t care about my sympathy. They wanted what I can only describe as their righteous pound of flesh.

During this little odyssey, I confess that I didn’t much care about anything except that these folks had the wrong guy, and frankly most of their descriptions of the problem were so close to incoherent that I assumed it was some noob who’d got their system infected and was looking for someone to blame. In one case, it appears that it may have been someone’s executive assistant who infected her boss’ machine and was desperately looking for someone to toss under the bus.

Finally, some enlightenment:

Imminent, in addition to my blog, turns out to be the name of some new virus running around. Shit. People download it, get infected, and go looking for the bug’s owner. The virus’ creators seem to use a different spelling: iminent. But nobody seems to notice that before they send their ire my way.

Folks, it isn’t me.

One Reply to “A Rose by Any Other Name…”

  1. I actually stumbled upon your great blog, precisely because of this ‘iminent’ virus or addware issue. And glad too I was that some unwellcome serendipity led me to your writings. Isn’t it amazing that pissed people who look for someone to dump their anger and frustration though? We live in a society of blame and obsession of accountability where someone has to be the culprit somehow. It is further interesting that, no matter how much you made efforts to explain, clarify or appologize you still got grief for something that was simply your fault. Some software happen to (almost) bear the same name as your blog, period. Moreover, if these impatient and immature people had taken the time to look at ‘imminent’: your blog and #iminent# the software they would have noticed that your blog name is spelt correctly. That is ‘imminent’ has 2 m’s whereas the software ‘iminent’ has only 1. Strange that, being French myself, it’s first thing that I saw. Suffice to say that who, in their right, mind who consider using a program made by a company that cannot spell! I empathize with you with dealing with the lack of empathy shown by people you empathized with. If you see my drift. It’s strange how we sometimes have to deal with some indivuduals axe to grind. Unfortunately; there no pleasing or explaining some people. Politeness and cajoling will not calm them down. They simply live in their little bubble where computing is king and must work instantaneously and if a glitch or strange circumstance like this happen someone must be harassed. Friend, do not be discouraged. There are immature people aplenty in our information age. Technology has leapt whilst Homo Modernis has regressed. Strange phenomenon! The good side of this is that people like myself will find your blog through this misfortunate occurrence {oups! … How do you spell ‘occurence’ again?}. Anyway, I am happy to discover your thoughts in this blog and keep on writing! (())

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