Storm OC1 with GoPro on the forward iako
Storm OC1 with GoPro on the forward iako

Coming up on our first anniversary as Maui residents. We’ve been getting in a lot of snorkeling, swimming, surfing and paddle boarding, with a little windsurfing as well. Work on our house has finally reached a mostly-completed state, with new roof, paint, gutters and photovoltaics.

With all the water time, I found that while I love surfing, I continued to miss the feel of sitting in a performant boat with paddle in hand. We tried renting some Ocean Kayaks, but found, while definitely stable, they paddled a bit like barges. A local Epic rep let me try an Epic V10, which was like riding a highly-tuned road bicycle: fast, smooth, a crazy cool machine, but so tippy I’d never be able to set down the paddle and take a photo or contemplate the sunset.

All that changed with my new ride, a Storm OC1 (Outrigger Canoe – 1 person). Fabricated in one piece rather than separate glued-together deck and hull. New technology! Carbon boat, ama and iakos. 20.5′ long, 15″ beam. About 14 pounds fully assembled — yeah, less than half my standup board. Awesome machine, and paddling an outrigger is quite different from a kayak, which is icing on the cake for me.

Now to get the boat out and learn…