iPhone 4.0: Calendar FAIL

iPhone 4.0 calendar FAIL

Test driving the 4.0 iPhone OS. Overall, cool - occasionally very cool. Except the calendar. The calendar.

An app I rely heavily on, an app that wasn't supposed to have much in the way of changes for 4.0.

Well, it does.

Calendar now alerts you to appointments as before - with the added benefit of alerts for appointments long past. Even a couple of years past. And it seems to be able to loop, reminding you of the same event numerous times (I've seen as many as 4 reminders for one event. In the past.).

'And of course, while you're pressing the Close or View button over and over (and over...), the phone isn't usable.

(And, as I subsequently found out, checking the box in the iCal preferences on my Macbook to purge all events older than 90 days does just that - with the bonus of sending out "Declined" for every purged event. In my case, that was over 450 of 'em. But I suppose it at least renewed my correspondence with a (largish) number of people.)

And the iPhone 4.0 calendar seems to be unable to sync invitations that have been accepted, so now I need to accept an event on my mac and on my iphone independently. And accepting an invite from the invites list does not, apparently, do the same thing as accepting an invite by tapping it in the calendar view. So now I accept invites 3 times?