30 July 2016

Welcome to from the ID!

Avalanche Creek, Glacier NP

I’d been living in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years. Originally from Colorado, I migrated to the PNW by way of Hawai`i, stopping there for a couple of years to train dolphins and develop software for deep-ocean surveying.

A few years ago, I and my wife Sarah decided to make a leap of faith and relocate to Maui (please see the Island Bound series). I left my position as Technology Director at frog after five and a half amazing years of exploration, drama, learning and, above all, getting to know some remarkable people. I headed to Maui without any solid prospects, but both Sarah and I have serious work ethics, integrity and skills; we figured we’d work it out.

Recently, we decided to return to the mainland because of, well, because of a lot of reasons – hence the rebranding of this site. We wanted to be closer to family, but didn’t want to go back to the Seattle area and the near-perpetual expectation of gray. We settled on Sandpoint, Idaho, described by one person as “a drinking town with an art problem.” We have actual winters and actual summers here. And the easiest skiing access I’ve ever had – 80 days last winter!

In Seattle, at frog, I added design thinking and methodology as well as a number of strategic tools to my bag of tricks. It’s not just about building cool tech, but about building cool tech that delights people when they use it.

A photographer by avocation, I began my formal training at the University of Colorado under Gary Metz and Charlie Roitzboth of whom ended up at the Rhode Island School of Design. Film, baby, film. Fast forward through a lot of years to the arrival of digital photography, then digital SLRs, then lots of formats. As an engineer, mastering the mechanics and the technology of digital photography was relatively easy. But understanding exactly how a paintbrush works doesn’t mean you can paint. More years, and tens of thousands of photographs later, I feel like I’m beginning to get it. These days, I’ve swapped out all of my larger SLR gear for micro-four-thirds gear. Cool functionality, great lenses, but no mirrors or prisms and much, much smaller and lighter.

In case you’re interested, here’s my  résumé 🙂