Bee Resetting…

Well, we seem to have failed in our first beekeeping attempt. The hive is deserted with quite a number of dead bees in the bottom super. We don’t know if this is a result of our replacing the top super with a new one on the bottom last month, new materials for the new super, stress on the bees during the switch, or what. As the bees can’t be replaced until the spring, we have some time to research this and ponder.
A sad day.

08-14 Hive Inspection

Hive inspection today. The little gals are busy; looks like almost two full supers of honey, comb being built in the third and possibly bottom super.


Hive inspection today. We opened up the hive and found the top super weighed something like 10-15 pounds – amazingly heavy!
We also added a prototype of a new super I’ve designed after looking at all the versions of observation hives I’ve seen. It’s not perfect, but it’s close, and the next ones well be better.

Building comb

We inspected the hive this morning. I still haven’t seen the queen in there, but then again I’m slowly building up my confidence when it comes to calmly removing top bars and inspecting them while the bees seem to get a bit pissed off. Also, I don’t seem to have the smoking technique down quite yet, as the bees sometimes ignore the fact that I’m blowing smoke in their little faces.
But in the top box, it looks like 6 out of the 8 bars have fully-built-out combs. I slid one out, a little surprised that it wasn’t attached to the sides yet – perfectly straight comb, covered with bees, and looks like honey on the back side.

Next time I hope to find evidence that the queen is healthy and busy – in the meantime, I’ll be doing more research to understand what that actually means.